Wednesday, 18 January 2012

what a splendid day to make another blog!

to address the title right away (can't be hasty!) yes, this is one of my many blogs i have.
i have my two blogs on tumblr (a DIY blog where i reblog things that i may want to do some day and a personal blog im sure most of the people reading this will be from.)
so, since i already have two very successful blogs (this is sarcasm and i am telling you this now because sarcasm can sometimes be hard to pick up through text...) what am i doing here? 
well, my beautiful cousin recently made a fantastic blog on here about her life and journey through pregnancy and i for sure wanted to be able to follow that consistently soooooooo what better way to do so then to make a blog here. that's right, there isn't a better way.
secondly, i wanted to display my art somewhere that isn't muddled in with the rest of my personal life.
where i will mainly post things i draw or paint but will also share the art that inspires moi (i don't speak french at all don't be deceived by my random french words).
so, that's just about it. 
i suck at ending these things.
so uh.... bye! hope you enjoy.
(i'll probably be posting right away, jsyk... all the stuff i've already done.)

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